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Made with Mango Butter, Certified Aromatherapist

Luscious creamy silky feel, absorbs immediately, highly skin nourishing.
Beautiful lavender aroma from therapeutic grade lavender essential oil and mango butter promotes cell regeneration!

Lavender Whipped Body Butter


    Volume: 2 fluid ounces

    Materials: Organic Pure Mango Butter, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Lavender essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia, Certified Aromatherapist

    2 oz PET plastic jar.  During the holiday season of November and December, this balm in wrapped in a red velvet pouch.

    Made with:

    Lavender Essentil Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) components are highly skin nourishing and healing, calming to the central nervous system, relieves anxiety, pain relief.

    100% Pure Mango Butter - Loaded with Vjtamin A for cellular turnover and collagen production and Vitamins B, C, D, E and fatty acids for cell regeneration. Mango butter is similar to shea but has little scent.

    Virgin Organic Coconut Oil - softens and lubricates skin making it an excellent moisturizer..

    If this product is shipped during very warm weather, it may arrive melted. If this occurs, simply place jar into the refrigerator for 1 hour and it will solidify again. The whipped consistency will be changed, but the butter will still feel & smell wonderful and retain all of its beneficial qualities for your skin.

    Shelf life - two years.


    No returns or exchanges

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.