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Orange Essential Oil really shines! It smells so good and is so clean and refreshing and uplifting.

BENEFITS: Calms tension and emotional stress; eases tight muscles; great immune support; reduces anxiety and is a great sleep aid.

WHERE DOES IT COME FROM: Orange essential is distilled from the rind of the fruit


MAIN CHEMICAL COMPONENT: 90% d-limonene. Researched properties of d-limonene Indicate it supports the immune system, is antimicrobial, reduces swelling and inflammation, reduces pain and anxiety.

USES: great in a diffuser, a body cream or lotion, an inhaler, a massage oil, and a great ingredient to add to a natural cleaning product. My favorite: an orange essential oil body scrub with Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and jojoba!

I always describe Orange Essential Oil as sweet, fresh, juicy, uplifting and joyful! My happy place…

Orange Tree

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